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        1. Welcome to Tone Lotus. Tone Lotus is a musical instrument made by Aaron Sullivan. Press "Next" to explore the instrument.

        2. Click on an individual "tone" or drag over a few to hear them play.

        3. Select an instrument from this dropdown panel. You can have three instruments layered at a time from here. Just make a cool beat, then select another instrument and begin your layering fun.

          To save one instrument and start afresh with just that one, press 's'. More on that next.

        4. Press 's' to stage an instrument once you've made a tune that you like.

          Instruments that have been staged won't play - the stage is a holding ground for instruments.

          Drag your Instruments from the stage either back into the middle square to continue working on it, or into one of the tracks to make a song.

        5. These are your tracks. From here you can make complex song patterns and rich layers.

          There are two steps to using the tracks. First drag an instrument into any of the three tracks. Second press "Play Tracks" under the "Play Controls" menu header.

        6. From here you can start playing the main grid, the tracks, or you can pause play.

        7. Explore the keyboard shortcuts for Tone Lotus. Space bar will clear all of your music. 'p' is for pause.

        8. Click here to get a URL you can plug back into your browser to reload your Tone Lotus

        9. I hope you enjoy Tone Lotus. Have fun!